E55-B automatic rating packing scale --Granulation of feed ideal packaging solution

Product features:

-Strong and simple actuator,Ensure the reliability 

 of equipment

-The structure of modular designImproved the 

 equipment application flexibility

-The feeding device of belt type Double speed motor 

 drive,Move fast and reliable Can effectively 

 preserve,the shape of the material

-Professional sheet metal design and technological 

 means,Not only makes the equipment appearance 

 beautiful,but also reduce the influence of 

 accuracy due to material hanging

-Advanced weighing control technology, For excellent

 performance equipment provides a reliable guarantee

-Professional cleaning, Return air interface,

 Can effective improve the environment in the field 

-Low pressure testing and interlock,improve the 

 reliability of the perform

product modelE55-120B/C2E55-120B/C
working Ability(bag/hour)350~450700~900
Constant value range20~50
Weighing hopper volume120
Measuring accuracy±0.1%F·S @2 Sigma
Direct contact with the material of the materialCarbon steel material,The surface coating processing
The service sectorFeed processing industries and other similar industries
Typical materialGranulation of feed or properties are similar to other materials
The compressed airpressure0.4~0.6MPa(clean、dry)
Power SupplyAC380V,50Hz,1kwAC380V,50Hz,2kw
working environmentWorking Temperature:-5℃~45℃;Relative humidity:95%
Dust suctionWind pressure 0.01~0.03bar;Air volume ~6m³/min